Our business partners play a critical role in helping high school students develop career aspirations. Portland Workforce Alliance connects businesses to schools, allowing employers to inform and inspire their future workforce. New employers participate every year. How about you?

Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor at the NW Youth Careers Expo

The annual Expo educates students about the amazing diversity of career opportunities in our region and the skills needed to pursue these jobs. The 2017 Expo attracted more than 6,000 students from 75+ high schools and drew 170+ exhibitors, including many of the region’s top employers.

Host a Career Day

PWA will help you organize a career day that engages a group of students at your office or work site. Workplace tours allow students to see and "touch" the work in ways that are not possible in the classroom. They also allow employers to showcase the jobs within their companies and the skills needed to operate a successful business. With nearly three dozen career days held annually, PWA works with Portland-area high schools to bring motivated, interested students to your door. Check out our toolkit for hosting a career day.

Bring Your Work to the Classroom

Visit a high school and talk with students about your job, career path and job advice. Since many students are unaware of the vast array of careers beyond what they might hear about at home or see on TV, classroom presentations help broaden their sense of possibility and help them make more informed decisions about their future. Email us to let us know you'd be willing to talk with students now and then.

Hear from Employers Themselves

Some of our most passionate advocates are the volunteers who have made a connection with students. Visit our Employer Stories page to see what they say about work, students and the importance of career education.

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