“I know that if at least one other student gets an experience comparable to what I received, then their opportunities for success will increase tenfold.”

-- Andrew Shelton, PPS graduate of Benson High School

Welcome students!

PWA’s work is centered around providing you all with opportunities to explore career aspirations. Our goal is to empower you to further your education and find satisfying, well-paying careers.  

We do this by creating connections between you ( high school students) and local employers to learn about job possibilities you could pursue in the future. Check out the information below to learn more and engage in PWA career related learning opportunities!

Come to the annual NW Youth Careers Expo

The annual NW Youth Careers Expo offers a great chance to pursue your career goals. Talk with people from some of the region’s top employers and get career advice in a low-pressure setting. Practice your skills at a mock job interview, or try out some cool equipment from a local hospital, construction firm or design studio.

Register for a Career Day

In a typical year, we offer more than 50 career days to Portland-area students. Most are specifically for students in our contract partner school districts (Portland Public Schools, Parkrose, North Clackamas, Gresham-Barlow, Reynolds and Oregon Charter Academy) while others are also open to students from the greater tri-county area. For more information on how to register for specific days, visit our Events page.

Explore other options

Visit our Student Stories page to hear from students themselves about the value of career education in their own lives

Check out these tips and resources:

Questions to ask employers

Tips for Success, in English and Spanish