Students at the NW Youth Careers Expo will have the opportunity to learn about the region’s broad range of careers and pathways; engage in hands-on activities;  hear from diverse voices sharing career tips; meet leading employers, colleges and training programs; practice mock interviews; and take away helpful resources. 


For Educators

Educator Office Hours
Tuesday, Feb. 20, at noon or 3:30 pm
Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 3:30 pm
Tuesday, March 5, at noon

Click the link to register/join
30 minutes each: 10-minute overview plus time for Q&A and discussion

Expo Teacher Packet

Check out the teacher packet! It has resources for preparing yourself and your students for the Expo including a timeline checklist, student activity ideas and example print-outs, permission slips and more.

Bus Driver Resource For Teachers

Teachers, make sure to prepare your bus drivers! The Expo sees a lot of traffic around the convention center! Check out this bus driver resource and make sure to share it with your bus driver.

Expo Prep Slide Deck

These slides can help you prepare students, fellow teachers or chaperones.

Additional Resources

Check out the student resources below to share with your students to prepare them for Expo!


For Students

Map: Know Before You Go

This map of the convention center includes a lot of important Expo features and experiences! Check it out so you are ready to navigate expo when you arrive. (Click the map for a larger view.)

Expo Highlight Video

Get a feel for the Expo! Watch this upbeat 1-minute "sizzle reel" (highlight video) from 2023 to get an idea of the Expo experience.

Career Talk Schedule

This schedule outlines the schedule of different career talks offered during Expo. These 25-minute group sessions are designed to boost your career readiness. No registration necessary for Expo participants, just drop in!

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are a big part of the Expo. A mock interview is an invaluable resource to practice your interview and resume skills before trying to get a job. Check out our mock interview resource page to get ready before the Expo, and click here to view the mock interview questions beforehand. 

Get in the Zone

To help you get around, the Expo Hall is divided into Zones. Each Zone showcases major industries and career paths. Check out this handout to see the Expo 2024 zones and represented industries, as well as some hot Expo tips!

Expo Exhibitor List

Expo is huge and there are a lot of exhibitors. Look over the list of exhibitors and plan for which ones you want to make sure to visit.


Need a sensory break?

The Expo is a large community event. Some students may appreciate taking a sensory break during their Expo experience. The Chill Room, near the mock interview area, is a quiet space with fidgets and a calming vibe.


Expo Tips for Students

The Expo is a great chance to learn about careers and hear from employers about next steps after graduation. Planning ahead will help you make the most of the event.