Students at the 2023 NW Youth Careers Expo will have the opportunity to learn about the region’s broad range of careers and pathways; engage in hands-on activities;  hear from diverse voices sharing career tips; meet leading employers, colleges and training programs; practice mock interviews; and take away helpful resources.


Key Resources for You
2023 Exhibitor List (updated weekly until early February)
2023 Early Edition Teacher Packet

Student Handouts and More Resources
1-minute Expo highlights video
Expo2Go: A supplemental online resource
7 things to Love about the Expo: printable handout
"Tips for Professional Success" handout in English and Spanish
2023 Expo Tips for Students: printable handout 
Mock interview information

Up Next: Week of January 30
Schedule of all Career Talks
2023 Final Edition Teacher Packet
Maps and Bus Parking Information
Educator Office Hours Info
2023 Final Edition Teacher Packet

Week of February 6: Final Details
New! Student prep video
2023 NW Youth Careers Expo Resource Guide


2022 Exhibitor Spotlights
Construction and Architecture
Creative, arts & media, business, sports & apparel, technology & engineering
Manufacturing, transportation, energy
Healthcare, public services and postsecondary/training programs

 Expo Tips for Students

The Expo is a great chance to learn about careers and hear from employers about next steps after graduation. Planning ahead will help you make the most of the virtual event. Students can:

Read up beforehand.

Visit our exhibitor page to get a sense of what employers will be present. Don’t just scan the list for familiar names! Research smaller employers and unexpected exhibitors, too.

Go on a fact-finding mission.

Select five employers to visit and brainstorm questions for them. (What skills are necessary for this career? What type of education/training do you need? What is the salary range? What do you like most about your job, and what are the biggest challenges? Here are a few more.)

Try out Expo2Go

The Expo2Go is an online resource where you can identify your career interests and learn more about top employers, colleges and training programs in the region.