We've gone virtual in 2020-21! Click here for a short handout on virtual Career Talks and other opportunities, and contact us for more information.

Many Portland-area employers want to help young people learn about careers in their industry, yet they are pressed for time or daunted by the idea of hosting teenagers. That’s where PWA comes in.

PWA can help you organize a Career Day that engages a group of students at your office or work site. We work with you to develop an agenda that fits into your workday.

We collaborate with local schools to recruit and register students, and we provide 1-3 staff members to help things run smoothly. We also provide a “toolkit” of resources for you, such as:

  • A brochure on how to organize a career day that includes feedback from students & employers, sample agendas, and a guide to getting started with help from PWA!
  • Sample Agendas from Career Days, including advice from people who have done it!
  • Tips for talking with high school students
  • Career Day Question Map & Handout with things students may ask you! (BW Printable Map)
  • A printable list of our Career Day + Events Calendar on our events page.

We work with businesses and organizations to offer more than 30 career days a year at every kind of workplace, from design firms to hospitals.

Great career days can be anywhere from 3-6 hours long, but they tend to have 3 things in common:

  • personable employees who chat candidly with students about education & career paths
  • opportunities for students to interact with each other and participate in an activity or simulation
  • useful information such as mock interviews combined with advice for job searches


Interested? Contact us and we’ll get you started.


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