Update 2/13/2022: Exhibitor registration is CLOSED. Contact expo@portlandworkforcealliance.org with questions. Thank you! 

If you are interested in sponsoring future Expos, contact us below!

The 2022 virtual NW Youth Careers Expo allowed thousands of high school students and teachers to engage with 80+ employers and postsecondary partners for community-based career exploration. We used a virtual conferencing platform where people connected within a visually rich Exhibit Hall and Auditorium.

Exhibitors can share materials and videos about their workplace, and they can host chats to answer questions. Click here to review our 2022 Early Sponsor/Exhibitor Brochure,  or here for the Expo 2022 Overview (short slide deck with sample images).  

Exhibitor rates
$550 (private sector, government, for-profit education); $250 (education and nonprofit)
$50 early bird discount through Dec. 17, 2021. 

Our exhibitors represent Oregon's leading employers, colleges and training centers. Many employers also support our year-round work by becoming official Expo sponsors. See the sidebar for lists or current and past sponsors. 

Why Participate?

Grow your own workforce

We shop locally and eat locally. Why not hire locally? Invest today in young people who will become the workforce for tomorrow. Retirements are looming, recruitment is fierce, and many Oregon businesses need to strengthen and diversify their local pipeline of talent. The Expo lets you invest in your future workforce.

Support Oregon education

Oregon's high schools are full of promising and capable young people, but students and families are struggling after two years of pandemic challenges. Help inspire our students to graduate and find well-paying jobs by showing them pathways to great careers.

Showcase your company

The Expo attracts thousands of students from about 70+ high schools in Oregon and Southwest Washington. It draws the region’s most dynamic employers from every major industry. Political leaders, business owners, educators and the media come, too. Don’t be left out!