What’s the Youth Apprenticeship Training Program?

It’s a state-approved program that allows select Oregon students under 18 to work in facilities alongside skilled craftsmen, including millwrights and electricians. Students gain work experience, learn skills and can earn more than $12 an hour.

Who’s Involved?

The Portland Workforce Alliance works with local employers, Benson High School educators and the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries to develop and support this program. Current and past participants include Blount Manufacturing, PCC Structurals, Gunderson LLC and Columbia Wire & Iron.

Who Benefits?

Students learn a trade, earn money and can apply their hours to an adult apprenticeship training program if they decide to continue in the field. Employers can choose from among Portland’s most motivated young people to develop their future workforce and support
their existing employees.

Blount employee Mick Winn, an electrical maintenance supervisor who has worked with several young apprentices, calls the YATP a win-win: “It’s an investment in our future workforce, and the immediate payback is that we’re getting an extra set of hands.”

How can I get involved?

Contact us, and we’ll get you started.

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