2021 School Registration

Group and individual registration is now closed for the 17th annual NW Youth Careers Expo, taking place virtually on March 16-17, 2021.

If you are bringing a group: You are PWA's sole point of contact for your group. PWA is not emailing event information directly to the students and educators on your attendee list. You are your group members' point of contact for event reminders and information, just like the in-person Expo. See our Educator Resources page for resources to help students prepare and make the most of this opportunity. Thank you! Update: Access extended until May 14, 2021!


Educator FAQs
last updated 3/2/2021


Some of my students won't be able to attend during the live event. Will they miss out altogether?

Nope! Though students must attend during the live event for the live features, they can also log on any time until May 14 for access to booth resources in the Exhibit Halls and on-demand career talks in the Auditorium.

How do students and teachers log in?

They log in to the landing page using the email address you sent us for registration. No password is necessary.

Does PWA email the student/teacher attendees in my group, or just me as group leader?

Just you. You are the primary point of contact, just like the in-person Expo. Why? 1) Most schools want to share specific information with students, such as assignments or guidelines. 2) Many school servers block external emails sent to students.

What do you do with student emails?

They are used as an easy logon for students. We rely on YOU as their point of contact, just like the in-person Expo.
We do not give student emails to employers. We only email students in certain circumstances (i.e. they win a prize in the scavenger hunt, so we email them and CC you).



I’m a career coordinator. How can I prepare students at my school?

Check out our Educator Resources page for the Expo Resource Guide, a 5-minuter explainer video and other resources. The exhibitor list is a good way to show students the range of participants, from Nike and Intel to creative agencies and construction firms.

I’m a teacher and want to plan a class assignment around this. Any recommendations?

Yes! Check out the sample assignments on our Educator Resources page.



What is the scavenger hunt and what can students win?

Students can use 10 clues to find 10 icons hidden throughout the platform. Students who find all 10 icons during the live event are eligible for our prize drawings. Prizes include $50-$100 gift cards to Nike and Amazon, 24 fancy adidas duffel bags/ backpacks, an epic snack basket, and other cool swag!

I’ve heard there are two Exhibit Halls and an Auditorium. What’s happening in the Auditorium?

Students can access more than a dozen Career Talks on subjects including How to Land a Job, How to Ace Your Interview, and Networking Essentials. Three talks will be presented in Spanish. Several will focus on particular industries, such as construction, health care or technology. See the Expo Resource Guide on the Educator Resources page for a full Auditorium agenda.

How complicated is this virtual platform? Do students need special training?   

No, just basic preparation. Students can log in using the email they registered with. Two key resources will be waiting for them in the platform: an “Expo Resource Guide” with a schedule of all live events, and a short video tutorial that will walk them through platform features. Both are already on the Educator Resources page.

Can students communicate in this platform?

Students can communicate during the live event in several ways: 1) In the moderated text Q&A in the booths and auditorium, 2) using the moderated padlets in the Industry Forums and 3) in live Zoom sessions hosted by exhibitors in their booths.

Is the Careers Expo a job fair?

No! It is a chance for students to explore the amazing range of careers in the region (and the education and skills needed to thrive in those careers). Some employers do have job opportunities or other work-based learning opportunities, either now or soon: Look for the lightbulb icon in the Expo Resource Guide next to their names.

Who can attend the Careers Expo?

We give priority space to high schools in our partner districts (Gresham-Barlow, North Clackamas, Parkrose and Reynolds school districts and Portland Public Schools).  We also set aside capacity for smaller groups from organizations serving underrepresented populations of high school students, and high schools representing a diversity of rural, urban and suburban communities in Oregon and SW Washington.

More questions?

We hosted "office hours" to answer any Expo-related questions in February, with a 15 min presentation followed by a Q&A. You can register to view the recording here.

Contact us at expo@portlandworkforcealliance.org with any other questions. We’ll be adding educator resources and more information every week.