Executive Board

Samantha Jordan
Emerick Construction

Immediate Past President
Marcus Carter

Vice President
Matt Hanson
Fortis Construction

Past President
Scott Kleiner


Jarryd Briggs
Umpqua Bank

Rachelle Thurik

Past President 
Anna Yates

About the Board

People join our board of directors because they want young people to learn about the region’s most promising jobs. They serve as a liaison between public schools and the private sector, connecting employers who need local talent with teenagers who need opportunities.

Board members represent every major sector, including health care, manufacturing, energy, labor, construction, business, education and arts & communications. They guide the overall work of PWA, including recruiting new business partners and helping to organize the annual NW Youth Careers Expo.


Aida Aranda
Oregon & Southern Idaho Laborers Employers Training Trust 

Alex Berry

Andre Goodlow
Parkrose High School

Anne Percival
Legacy Health

Brooke Brownlee
Portland General Electric

Chris Morehead
Tonkin Torp

Dan Malone
Roosevelt High School

Ebony Lawrence
Kaiser Permanente

Erik Weeman

Janet Rodriguez
The Partners Group

Committee Members

Aleia McKinnon

Elisa Majors
University of Portland - School of Nursing

Jenny O'Meara
Multnomah County

Khang Tran

Voices of the Board

Marcus Carter of Cinder

“Not only do [students] have an incredible amount of strength and resiliency day-to-day, but they have an incredible ability to adapt. We have to hold that same character forward -- showing that ability to adapt."



KD Parman of Roosevelt High School

Something I learned in high school about work: "By working different jobs in high school, I learned what was important to me in a job - supportive colleagues, work that has a purpose, and that I needed to get some more training if I wanted to get paid a reasonable amount of money."



Natalie Miller of LHH

Career Advice: "Being on time, or even early, for an interview or a shift demonstrates enthusiasm for the work and your ability to be organized."



Scott Kleiner of Wieden+Kennedy

Career Advice: "Be kind to people. You’ll be amazed by the help and support you get from people you know."