The 2021 Expo takes place on a virtual conferencing platform. Thank you to our partners for supporting high school students in this new way.

Exhibitor Resources:

Accessing the Event

Starting Tuesday, March 16 at 12PM, all booth reps and attendees can log in at our landing page. Use your email and password to login. Update: Access extended until May 14, 2021!

Booth Q&A

To use the Booth Q&A, click “Q&A” in your booth. A window will pop-up for you to see and reply to any questions that are asked. Since there are no alerts or notifications, this will need to be refreshed and checked periodically by your booth reps. For a quick how-to video, visit here.

Industry Forums

In addition to engaging with students in your booth, you can visit the “Industry Forums” to join a chatroom, answer student questions, and offer reminders for content in your booths.  For a quick how-to video, visit here.


We will have lots of semi-live and on-demand sessions for attendees – and booth reps – to check out in the auditorium. To see a full listing, check out our Expo Resource Guide.

Technical Issues or Questions?

For general questions, check out our FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer, email

For technical assistance, you can visit the Info Desk in the Expo or email our vFairs support team at