NW Youth Careers Expo
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Oregon Convention Center

Thank you for a terrific 2016 Expo! Click HERE for a photo tour of the day.

What's the Expo?

The annual NW Youth Careers Expo is the Northwest’s premier career-education event. In 2016, we welcomed more than 6,500 students from 75 high schools across Oregon and Southwest Washington, as well as 160+ exhibitors representing the state's leading employers. The Expo shows students the region's amazing diversity of career opportunities, along with the skills and education needed for those jobs.

The nonprofit Portland Workforce Alliance organizes the event, now in its 13th year. The Expo's goals are to connect employers to their future workforce and help students make informed, inspired decisions about their education after high school -- whether they choose a four-year university, community college or apprenticeship training center.

What happens at the PWA Breakfast?

We kick off the Expo by hosting an annual breakfast to celebrate the work of our partners over the year and inspire more people to get involved with schools. Attendees can meet students who are developing college-and-career aspirations. They can also connect with leaders in business, education and government who want to raise our graduation rates and create a well-educated, prosperous and resilient workforce.


How does the Expo support Oregon schools?

Oregon requires high schools to prepare students for college and career. The Expo helps students prepare for life after graduation by offering a rich career-learning experience, including hands-on demonstrations, mock interviews and many other ways for students to deepen their career exploration. See a list of participating schools.

Want to volunteer for mock interviews? Find out how.
More questions? Read our Expo FAQ.