NW Youth Careers Expo
Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016
Oregon Convention Center
Thanks for a great 2015 Expo! Visit our blog for photo highlights. 

What's the Expo?

The annual NW Youth Careers Expo is the Northwest’s premier career-education event, attended by more than 5,000 students and more than 120 employers. It shows students the amazing diversity of career opportunities in our region, as well as the skills and education needed to pursue those jobs. See our official 2015 Expo Resource Guide

What happens at the Expo Breakfast?

We kick off the Expo by celebrating the work of our partners over the year. Meet students who were inspired by our career opportunities and connect with leaders in business, education and government who want to raise our graduation rates and create a well-educated, prosperous and resilient workforce. Learn more and register.

How does the Expo support Oregon schools?

Oregon requires high schools to prepare students for college and career. The Expo helps students prepare for life after graduation by offering a rich career-learning experience, including workplace simulations, mock interviews and many other opportunities for students to deepen their career exploration.

Want to volunteer for mock interviews? Find out how.
More questions? Read our Expo FAQ.