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Classroom Presentations

Talk with students about your job, the skills needed to be successful and your own career path.  Many students are unaware of the vast array of job opportunities and classroom presentations help them to make better decisions about their future.
1 hour

Career Days & Worksite Tours

PWA will help you to organize a career day that engages a group of students at your work site. Tours of offices and plants allow students to see and 'touch' the work in ways that are not possible in the classroom.   It also allows the employer to showcase the variety of jobs within your company and the skills required in running a successful business.
2 to 6 hours 

Job Shadows

Give a student an inside look at your job and the work environment by allowing them to "shadow" you at your workplace.
2 to 4 hours


Internships help students understand the work environment and the importance of  having a work ethic,  and being responsible. It also helps students observe how employees work in teams, problem solve and communicate with one another. Internships can be paid or unpaid and vary in length from one month to several months. 

Mock Interviews

Help students practice their interviewing skills before their first "real" job interview.   This also might be an opportunity to give students feedback on their resumes. 

The NW Youth Careers Expo

The annual NW Youth Careers Expo is held at the Oregon Convention Center. Typically this event attracts over 5,000 students from high schools in the metro Portland area and SW Washington. We invite your company to be an exhibitor or a sponsor of this premier business -education partnership and help you develop the 'pipeline' of talent for your future workforce needs.  

For more information about hosting a CRLE, please email