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The Portland Workforce Alliance is an independent non profit organization and all contributions to PWA are tax deductible. 

The budget for the organization is less that $ 175,000 annually and 80% of the funding for the organization comes from the private sector and grants.  Those funds support a small staff that organizes business and education partnerships (career days, tours, classroom presentations, mentorship programs, etc.) that help students see the relevance of their education and help employers meet their future workforce needs.   

PWA has a small contract with Portland Public Schools and PPS also generously donates office space and equipment to the organization.

Donate today or for additional information about how you can contribute and support the mission of PWA, please contact Kevin Jeans Gail at 503--916-5442 or e mail him at  Checks can be mailed to: 6433 NE Tillamook St, Portland OR 97213.

Thank you