Every day, PWA opens doors. See what students say about the importance of career education.

“It showed me to start early, take it all the way and love it."

-- Yaw Agyemang, Grant High School, describing what he learned at a  PWA Career Day at Nike World Headquarters in 2016.

“It made me excited to figure out for myself what I want to do."

-- Chrysanthe Belgique, Wilson High School. She attended a PWA Career Day at Kaiser Permanente's Sunnyside Medical Center in 2015-16. 

“I appreciate the opportunity so much.”

-- Anthony Bussey, Benson High, describing his experience at the PWA Breakfast. An aspiring filmmaker, he got to sit with leaders from the Oregon Governor's Office of Film & TV.

Student Story: Skylar

Skylar Williams

“I realized it wasn’t so daunting, it wasn’t so scary, the idea of my future.”

-- Skylar Williams, Madison High School, class of 2015. Read his interview with Tim Nesbitt, chair of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, about the impact of career learning on his educational path.

Student Story: Elizabeth Ma

Elizabeth Ma

“I would rather be hands-on than doing bookwork all the time. Then I can hone my skills and do actual work, rather than just imagining it.”

-- Elizabeth Ma, Benson High School, class of 2015. She's going to school and working part-time at Blount International through a paid apprenticeship


Antonio Crosier


“I was waiting my whole life just to show my work and my creativity somewhere. I could finally show it there, in ACE.” 

-- Antonio Crosier, Franklin High School, class of 2015, speaking about the impact of the ACE Mentor Program on his educational path.


Abby Cridland


“You don’t get jobs just through resumes anymore. It’s all about personal connections. … You have to be able to communicate.”

-- Abby Cridland, Grant High School, class of 2009. The connections she made through her high school mentorship helped her land a paid summer internship in college at a prestigious Portland firm. 


Jesse Soria

“I’m getting a picture of what real life is like.”

-- Jesse Soria, Benson High School, class of 2015. Learn about Jesse’s paid apprenticeship