The nonprofit Portland Workforce Alliance is working with Portland Public Schools to expand opportunities for high school students to explore careers at leading Portland employers.

This work is a collaboration with PPS’ Office of College and Career Readiness. These Class Career Exploration opportunities are “upon request” and in addition to PWA’s traditional Career Days, which allow students from across PPS to sign up individually based on their own career interests.

Who is eligible: Geared toward CTE and CCE classes in Portland Public Schools.

How to request an opportunity: Career coordinators should contact PPS central office and notify PWA. (Teachers, please go through your career coordinators.)

PPS Career Coordinators: CLICK HERE for a short handout with more information.

In addition, PWA assists career coordinators at PPS high schools with recruiting volunteers for mock interviews, career workshops and career speaker panels.



Gunderson: Students go behind-the scenes at this major employer and learn about careers in manufacturing, including underwater welding and other specialty jobs. Hardhat tour, Q&A with human resources professionals, potential for hands-on instruction.

PCC Swan Island Trades Center: Students do hands-on learning while exploring apprenticeship training options and career opportunities in construction management and the skilled trades.

Port of Portland: Students learn about career opportunities such as airport operations and emergency services, while seeing how much teamwork is needed to run a major employer.

FINE digital branding agency: Students meet with design professionals and learn about careers in design, brand design, marketing and creative direction. Hands-on activities can include student portfolio reviews and creative brainstorming activities. Professionals share their work and talk about how they work with clients.

Tech Career Day: Go behind the scenes at one of Portland’s tech leading employers. Meet a diverse range of professionals working in software development, project management and other high-value careers. Learn how to break into the tech sector, whether you love to code or  prefer non-technical jobs.



Opportunity Bank: Class Career Exploration in Portland Public Schools, 2018-19