This past week, ACE Mentor Program student Kenneth Yohe was recognized in the “How Oregon Works” feature of the Portland Business Journal.

The ACE Mentor Program of Oregon began in 2006 as an affiliate of the national ACE organization. It allows over 140 students to meet once a week for two hours with professional mentors from local Architecture, Construction, and Engineering firms in Portland. The program runs from January to May and puts students to work in teams on a building-design challenge with the help of their mentors. It is staffed by the Portland Workforce Alliance.

Kenneth Yohe, far right, was a 2018 ACE Summer Camp winner.

Students in the program get a chance to engage in conceptual; all students learn essential career skills such as teamwork and problem-solving. Both programs share the aim of getting students ready for the workplace.

Yohe, a senior at Sherwood High School, had the chance to share details of  his exciting opportunity to intern with Skanska Building USA, where he was placed through the ACE Mentor Program. He is an aspiring construction professional, and this internship allowed him to work on an exciting project: building a new high school.

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Skanska’s project manager Trevor Wyckoff commented, “Not only is he helpful to us, but it also gives him, as an interested student, the opportunity to see what a construction project really looks like. It’s a really valuable experience to learn more about construction management career opportunities.”

The internship is a year-long position where Yohe will be working closely with the Skanska team as they begin construction of the 342,000-square-foot high school experiencing all construction management and project engineering have to offer. Yohe will also continue to meet industry professionals participating in the ACE Mentor Program as a senior.

“I’m excited about the career prospects in the building field, especially in construction management,” said Yohe. “I believe my future is very bright.”

Read the full article in the Portland Business Journal: “How Oregon Works: Skanska intern gets construction, engineering career jump start

ACE student Kenneth Yohe lands year-long internship at Skanska
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