The Oregon Business Plan singles out the state’s manufacturing sector for its potential to create jobs and raise incomes for today’s young people. The NW Youth Careers Expo is a great place for students to learn about the skills and education that can lead to higher-paying career paths within manufacturing, including in fields such as metals, machinery, green technology and transportation.

Our manufacturing exhibitors at the March 13, 2018, event include Platinum sponsor Gunderson, one of the Expo’s first and most formative participants. Gunderson’s welding booth — where students can get a hands-on feel for the real thing — is always a very popular exhibit.

See our full list of Exhibitors | Printable Manufacturing Sector Flyer

Here’s a look at some of our other leading exhibitors in manufacturing, energy and transportation.

Daimler: Daimler is a Platinum sponsor and industry leader known for its state-of-the-art truck manufacturing and engineering. Daimler is the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer on the continent.

Port of Portland: The Port of Portland oversees several marine terminals and airports, including the Portland International Airport, and it manages a number of industrial parks. The Port, a Platinum sponsor, will have a large presence at the Expo and feature careers in emergency operations, security and other career fields.

PCC Structurals: PCC Structurals in Portland is considered a world leader in metal casting for jet engines, gas turbines, military equipment and many other uses. The company considers applicants as young as 18 for full-time jobs.

Portland General Electric: PGE is Oregon’s largest utility, delivering power to homes and businesses from a network of hydroelectric, natural gas, coal, wind and solar generating plants.

Aviation: Our aviation exhibitors include The Boeing Company and the Hillsboro Aero Academy, a helicopter and airplane flight school (they’re bringing a helicopter).

Transportation and auto repair: TriMet, the regional transit agency will be there in force. Portland Community College will feature its offerings in auto repair and aviation science, and Clark College will also showcase its automotive & diesel program.

Also watch for Mt. Hood Community College‘s applied technology program, which offers training for a range of jobs.

We’ll be adding more details about exhibitors as we receive them. (Exhibitors may contact us here if you have additional information to share with students and educators prior to the Expo.)

So far, more than 7,000 students and more than 190 exhibitors have registered for the Expo. Check out our Exhibitor page for additional printable flyers in technology, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, arts & communication, and creative careers. You can also visit our Expo HQ.


The nonprofit Portland Workforce Alliance works year-round with businesses in every sector to provide career-learning opportunities for high school students. Research shows that students who have the opportunity to learn about careers while they are in high school are more likely to graduate, continue their education and find satisfying careers. To learn more, browse our website.




Expo 2018: Spotlight on Manufacturing Exhibitors