Spring 2019 Career Days

We at Portland Workforce Alliance are grateful every day for the adults who support and inspire high school students year-round by hosting Career Days in Portland.

In recent months, students have gone behind the scenes at Instrument, Daimler, AWS Elemental, Gunderson, FINE, Microsoft, Simple, Kaiser Permanente, Oregon Humane Society, KGW and other leading employers. They’ve gotten advice about future plans from UP School of Nursing students, designed their own pair of Stans, wired lights, learned how to code, built their own prototype trucks, and revived patients in a simulated code blue. Here's what students say about these opportunities:

Instrument Career Day

"I was welcomed not only physically but mentally and culturally. I was able to speak freely, be myself, and show my creativity. It gives me a sense of belonging with my creativity. Life will continue on without you but there are people who will stay behind to carry you."

- Mardre Sykes, sophomore at Parkrose High School

Microsoft DigiGirlz Event

"This career day was a wonderful learning experience. I really enjoyed seeing all the women in tech careers. My view of women in technology has not changed much because I have always believed that women can do amazing things with tech. This career day reinforced that.”

- Emily Bugbee, freshman at Wilson High School

AWS Elemental Career Day

"It was fun to see all the places they showed us and the jobs that are in the engineering company. It made me think more about coding as a career path!"

- Adilene, freshman at Benson High School

Daimler Trucks Career Day

“The personnel and tour were all well executed together to create the best experience! I was surprised to see how 3D printing is involved in the prototyping process. This has expanded my horizons on what kind of companies I plan to work for."

- Emanuel Petryuk, senior at Sam Barlow High School

Kaiser Permanente Career Day

“I was surprised how well we all worked together and communicated with each other. I now have more of an interest in emergency medicine.”

- Sarah Pearson, sophomore at Grant High School

adidas Career Day with Design Week PDX

"I can now confidently pursue my goal as a designer knowing that I will be able to find a job that I like. I learned how important design is in any company, and that it can actually be something I can pursue successfully."

- Aidan Van Duke, senior at Benson High School

These Career Day experiences are only part of PWA’s growing year-round work, including mock interviews, career workshops, mentorships and the annual NW Youth Careers Expo. (Save the date for the 16th annual Expo on March 10, 2020!)

This is important work, with the cumulative potential to change the trajectory of individual lives as well as shape the face of our future workforce and the health of our regional economy.

We are thankful for your time as well as your financial support. Please consider making a gift to PWA this month, or sign up as a monthly donor below. Even small gifts of money and time add up to make a big difference. Thank you!

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“It gives me a sense of belonging.” | Spring Career Days with PWA