Are you thinking about a lot of different career possibilities? Here's a chance to learn about some great local careers in design-and-build, healthcare, creative/advertising and animal care. Meet some amazing professionals, hear about their jobs, ask questions and walk away with tips for getting started. 

Click on the links below to register and join. You can join in advance, or right before the session begins. Each live session will be roughly 40-45 minutes and will be recorded for on-demand access.  (See note at the bottom for additional registration tips.) 

9:30 AM (Healthcare Careers):  Learn about healthcare career paths including nurse, physician, long-term care and dentist, four highly critical areas in healthcare, with lots of job opportunities.  Questions welcome! At the end, hear how to apply for the PWA Future of Nursing Mentor Program

10:30 AM (Managing Your Paycheck: Smart Money Tips): Get tips about smart money management from the experts! Learn about what comes out of your paycheck and why, and get advice about budgeting and saving as you start earning money through work. Bring your questions about minimizing debt, establishing credit or avoiding common money pitfalls.

11:30 AM (Design-and-Build Careers): Hear from an architect, an engineer and a construction professional about careers in the design-and-build industry. At the end, you'll learn how to apply for the ACE Mentor Program of Oregon.

12:30 PM (Oregon Humane Society): Get a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of the Oregon Humane Society and hear about some of their careers, summer jobs and volunteer opportunities along the way. And yes, you may see some kittens and puppies. 

1:30 PM (Creative/Advertising Careers): Meet Thesis Agency, a Portland-based digital marketing agency that works with some of the biggest brands in the world, from Nike and Kaiser Permanente to Taco Bell and Spotify. Members of their creative team will walk you through their work, share about the creative process and give advice about how to get started.

When you register, you will get an access link emailed instantly to the email account you used to sign up. (Note that some school servers block external emails. If you don't get the link, try re-registering using a non-school email address.)


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