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Sponsoring the Expo helps educate the next generation. Many students are unaware of the great careers in each industry. High school students need to see the relevance of their education, learn about promising career paths and better understand the skills they need to be successful in the workplace. Sponsoring the Expo helps achieve this.

Sponsoring the Expo helps build your brand. About 7,000 students and educators from 75+ high schools attended our last Expo, as did 200 exhibitors -- including many of your potential business partners, clients and competitors. As an Expo sponsor, you create tremendous community goodwill and increase visibility.

Sponsoring the Expo helps grow your pipeline. Many employers face a high number of employee retirements in the coming years, representing a loss of skills and experience. The Expo is a chance to connect with your future workforce.

Sponsoring the Expo helps high schools year-round. Sponsoring the Expo pays dividends for students throughout the school year. A portion of your Expo sponsorship goes toward providing in-depth career-learning opportunities for students, helping them make informed decisions about their next steps after graduation.

2018 Expo Sponsors

Thank you to our 2018 NW Youth Careers Expo sponsors! (Click here for a printable handout of all 40+ sponsors.) Your support helps further the PWA mission year-round, connecting students and teachers to career-education opportunities.
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Metro, PCC Structurals

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2kG Contractors, Inc., Bora Architects, Hydro-Temp Mechanical, Portland Mechanical Contractors, Todd Construction


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