Naomi-at-WKWhen we want to explain the value of career days, we just hand the microphone over to students who have attended them.

Here’s a sampler of what they have said this year:

“The most important thing I learned today is to do what you are passionate about and stay persistent.” — Austin Cortado, Franklin High, Nike Career Day, March 4

“Very informative and engaging. .. It showed me how many paths you can take in college.” –– Dylan Kelley-Little, Alliance High, Second Story Career Day, Feb. 12

“This was my first career day. I learned a whole lot about construction and it was amazing. I love to build and create things.” — Ben Hyde, Wilson High School, Howard S. Wright Career Day, Dec. 10

“This career day has confirmed my college aspirations.”
— Nell Crittenden, Jefferson High School, Ziba Design Career Day, Oct. 22

“I had a ton of fun! I learned a lot about the field and how it has lots of room to improve and grow. I love the team effort and how it gets the creative juices flowing.” — Chloe Crook, Clackamas High School, ZGF Architects Career Day, Oct. 16

“It has shown me how much schooling is needed for certain aspects of a profession in health care and that building relationships is very important in every aspect of health care as well as life.” – Sophia Morrow, Grant High School, Kaiser Permanente Career Day, Feb 10

“The most important thing I learned is that everyone works together to accomplish a design.” – Alfredo Reyes-Avila, Madison High School, McKinstry Career Day, April 20

“It has shown me the great opportunities and experiences that are available to more people than I first expected.”  — Cosmos Dart, Grant High School, Mercy Corps Career Day, Dec. 11

“I liked getting a chance to design a school, because we got to see what it’s like to actually be an architect.” – Trillium Ost, Franklin High, ZGF Career Day, October 16

“I liked being able to view the real jobs and work behind the scenes.” – Toriyana Gaxgby, Roosevelt High, Wieden + Kennedy Career Day, March 6

“This [career] day has given me more hope.” – Brian Parker-Saladier, Madison High, Nike Career Day, March 4

“Very informational and helpful. Each person talked about how they got to where they are now. That helped a lot. … I learned what education I need and the steps to take down the road.” – Nick Loar, Oregon City High School, Port of Portland Career Day, April 29

Students share why they love career days