People who volunteer through PWA have a tremendous impact on high school students. So do the Oregon employers that open their doors to teenagers and invest in their future workforce through PWA Career Days and other opportunities. Here’s a small sampler of what students have said this year about their experiences:

career-day-legacy-teaching-CPR-2016“I got a lot out of it, and it’s inspired me to know that becoming a nurse is possible.” — Jazzmine Watkins, Franklin High (Legacy Health)

“Just hearing the stories was inspiring to pursuing a career.” – Devin Persons, Mt. Scott Learning Center (McKinstry)

“It has made me feel less stressed about what I want to major in in college.” – Dae-Onna Kang Clark, Benson High (Instrument)


“It was amazing! Getting as many experiences as possible helps me decide what I want to do in life, such as one day work for Nike.” — Anthony Hill McCoy, NAYA Early College Academy (Nike)

“It was very inspiring. … It made me very excited to figure out for myself what I want to do in this field.” – Chrysanthe Belgique, Wilson High (Kaiser Permanente)

“I learned how this career helps you and your family.” — Gene Taka, Roosevelt High (Howard S. Wright)

career-day-elemental-oculus-april-2016“It has expanded my views on tech companies in Portland and what I could do after high school.” — Jarod Morrow, Madison High (Elemental Technologies)

“Today, I think I figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s extremely exciting, and I really valued all of the opportunities presented. .. This is what I’ve been looking for, and never knew how to put it into words but today i found it.” – Lilly Sasse, Grant High (Mercy Corps) 

“The leaders gave a great idea of what life is like, not only here but in the whole computer science industry.” — Jay Raitt, Cleveland High (Puppet Labs)

“It was great to see a real-world working environment, and talking to employees about their jobs & career changes.” — Kristina Arella, Grant High (Ziba Design)

“So much intriguing information and a solid basis to learn about professional work environments.” — Zach Guastudisegni, Lincoln High (Upswell)

What students say about the value of PWA Career Days