Here’s a virtual tour of our signature career-education event, which this year attracted more than 5,600 students from 70+ high schools throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.


Blue skies greeted us on the morning of the 11th annual NW Youth Careers Expo, held on St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it was the luck of the Irish, but the good fortune seemed to last all day.

After getting our bearings, we explored the health care exhibits. Health care is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Oregon economy, so we took our time. (See more health care photos here.)


Then we ventured into the Construction Zone, a world unto itself with about three dozen exhibitors this year. (See more Construction Zone photos here.)


After that, we noticed it was time for mock interviews. Fully 966 students had one-on-one interviews this year, thanks to the stellar volunteers of the Portland Human Resource Management Association. (See more mock interview photos here.)


Then we dove back into the Expo and checked out some manufacturers and energy exhibitors, along with the bomb squad at the Port of Portland. Gunderson’s welding demonstration is always a big hit. (See more photos here.)


We visited the popular Nike and adidas booths, followed by the Wieden + Kennedy exhibit. We went looking for swag, only to learn about the dizzying array of careers behind each product.


Then we toured some of the Expo’s technology-related exhibits, including Microsoft and several automotive-service technologists. We especially liked the 3D printers in the Construction Zone. (See more tech photos here.)


Finally, we wrapped up the day with an eclectic mix of the inspiring, informative and unexpected. A career in public safety? The military? TV and film? The possibilities feel endless, which is what we love most about the Expo. (See more photos here.)

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Note: Many of these photos were taken for PWA by Kim Blau Photography. Many others were taken for Portland Public Schools by Faith Cathcart. A few are snapshots by PWA staff. Kindly use only with permission, please.


Expo 2015: A virtual tour of the day