About 150 HR professionals offer mock job interviews for high school students at the annual NW Youth Careers Expo. These volunteers offer positive, constructive feedback that will help students for their next “real” interview for a job or college admission. Volunteers also hold 20-minute Career Talks.

Mock Interviews

Each Mock Interview is about 15 minutes long. Students should bring their resume. Students will receive Certificates of Completion.


Mock Interviews | 9 am to 1:30 pm
One-on-one feedback from a caring HR volunteer.

Career Talks

Each Career Talk is about 20 minutes long. Students will receive Certificates of Completion.

Here is our 2020 Career Talk schedule (printable handout HERE): 

"How to Ace Your Job Interview"  | 9:30 am + 10:30 am + 11:30 pm + 2:30 pm
What employers ask, how to prepare for an interview, how to follow up.

"How To Land A Summer Job"  | 10:00 am + 11:00 am + 12:00 pm + 1 :00 pm
Advice about resumes, networking and interviewing

"Pro Tips for Your Paycheck" | 10:30 am + 11:30 am
Presented by OnPoint Community Credit Union

"Flash Coding! Workshop with Microsoft" | 10 am + 11 am + 12:00 pm


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