Our Tech Zone at the 13th annual NW Youth Careers Expo will feature some of the most vibrant and innovative technology firms in the Northwest.

Our tech exhibitors at the March 14 event will include Microsoft, Elemental Technologies, CDK Global, Metal Toad, Comcast, Puppet and Zapproved. Students can also learn about technology and STEM programs at Oregon Tech, Portland Community College and Epicodus, as well as from Portland Public Schools’ IT department.


Microsoft is an always popular exhibitor, with its large format touch-screen technology and interactive high-tech dance game. Below is a sampler of information about some of our other tech exhibitors, as well as a photo gallery from last year’s Tech Zone.

Portland Community College (platinum sponsor): PCC will feature its programs in microelectronics technology, computer technology, computer application systems, and business and computing.

CDK Global (gold sponsor): CDK Global does IT and digital marketing for the automotive industry. They intend to hire 10 high school interns for their Portland office this summer, through a program called Code 2 Career. Students and educators can visit their booth and chat with them directly for more information.

Elemental Technologies (silver sponsor): Elemental makes software that allows videos to stream online. (Sam Blackman, its cofounder and CEO, is a former Portland Public Schools student.) Its clients include ESPN, Comcast, HBO, the BBC and many others. The Portland firm was purchased by Amazon Web Services in 2015.


Metal Toad: Metal Toad is a Portland-based website and app development firm. Its clients include household names such as Sony, Disney, Daimler and the Golden Globes. Its founder and CEO has been outspoken about making the tech industry more accessible and diverse.

Puppet: Puppet is one of Portland’s leading tech companies. It’s a software company that helps businesses and government agencies — including Intel, REI, NASA, Starbucks and Twitter — manage their huge computer networks.

Zapproved: Portland-based Zapproved is a leading cloud-based software provider that helps corporate clients deal with their data. It helps corporations (and their legal departments) respond to litigation so they can mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Comcast: Comcast is a mass media company specializing in broadcast and cable services.

Portland Public Schools: Students can learn about careers in information technology by talking with the district’s IT team.

Oregon Tech: Oregon Tech has campuses in Wilsonville and Klamath Falls. It offers bachelor and masters degree programs in programs including engineering, health technology, information technology, management, communications and applied sciences.

Epicodus: Epicodus is a Portland-based code school. It calls itself a “vocational school for aspiring programmers.”

Keep in mind that technology is a growing part of every major sector: Many exhibitors, such as Wieden+Kennedy and Oregon Health & Science University, rely on tech-savvy employees and cutting-edge technology to grow. Students who develop software savvy and technical skills in high school and college will dramatically increase their luck in the job market after graduation.

The nonprofit Portland Workforce Alliance works year-round with businesses in every sector to provide career-learning opportunities for high school students.  To learn more, browse our website.

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