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The Board of Directors meets at least six times a year and guides the overall work of the Portland Workforce Alliance including execution of our mission, fundraising and recruitment of new business and industry partners who work with students.  Members of the Board of Directors come from every sector including health care, manufacturing, energy, labor, construction, business, education and the arts & communication industry. There are also Committee Members who help to organize the annual NW Youth Career Expo and other programs during the school year.



JR Gustafson, President


Scott Kleiner, President Elect


Susan Burke, Vice President


Lori Mueller, Treasurer

Arnerich Massena

Natalie Miller, Secretary

PHRMA, Lee Hecht Harrison

Anna Yates

Walsh Construction

Brian Terrett

Legacy Health

Brooke Berglund

Port of Portland

Carol Campbell

Grant High School

Corbett Gordon

PHRMA, Tonkon Torp LLP

Erica Meyers

Wilson High School

Gabby Riley

ZGF Architects LLP

Jane Williams

Multnomah County

Jeanne Yerkovich

Portland Public Schools

Madeline Kokes

Grant High School

Rhonnda Parsons Edmiston

Howard S Wright Construction

Abby Williams

Student (PSU/Grant High School)


The PWA Staff are responsible for organization, communication, administration, outreach, and a wide variety of other tasks within the Portland Workforce Alliance. They are committed to providing quality work experiences for students, inspiring all students to graduate, and creating learning opportunities to assist students in making informed career choices after high school or college.


Kevin Jeans Gail

Executive Director,

Susan Nielsen

Communications & Program Director,

Kristen Kohashi

Program Manager,