Read what educators have to say about the value of PWA and the importance of broadening students' career horizons.



Carol Campbell



“Every kid needs this. Every kid needs access to these opportunities.”

-- Principal Carol Campbell, Grant High School in Portland Public Schools, on the importance of career-related electives and off-campus career exploration. 



Shay James


“"We appreciate the work you all do for kids across our city."

-- Shay James, North Clackamas School District, executive director of high schools. 




Shara Robertson



“Living in a rural community, our students have limited access to college & career information. This was the first year we've taken our students to the Expo and the experience was unbeatable. The students were awestruck as they walked into the building. The learning that occurred as students participated in the hands-on activities was invaluable.”

-- Shara Robertson, Tillamook High School.


Petra Callin

Petra Callin


“Partnerships are so important and it means a great deal to staff and students. The opportunities that you are bringing to our kids are amazing and will help them see the potential for their futures."

-- Petra Callin, Madison High School. The Northeast Portland school sent 150 9th-graders in college-and-career exploration classes to four employers to get a look at the world of work.

Aaron Mullerleile


“The students were beaming over the supportive words that they received during their mock interviews, and it was exciting to see students so enthused over school work." 

-- Aaron Mullerleile, Gaston Jr/Sr High School teacher, following mock interviews conducted by volunteers representing the Portland Human Resources Management Association, a PWA partner. 



Carole Smith



“I am grateful to PWA and our business partners for providing our students with experiences that help them see the relevancy of their education. As a result, students make better decisions about their lives after high school. PWA’s work and these experiences are part of a broader PPS strategy to increase high school graduation rates and help prepare students for success in the workplace.”

-- Former Superintendent Carole Smith, Portland Public Schools



Raquel Laiz



“This Career Expo is exceptional. There is a great benefit for our students to see the wide variety of employers and careers Oregon has to offer – all in one room. Thank you!”

-- Raquel Laiz, career coordinator at Franklin High School in Portland Public Schools

“There are very few opportunities for kids to gather this much info and it's a fun way to learn. The entire experience is great for kids - even the ones that were hesitant returned with something 'new' in mind."

-- Jeff Stanek, Centennial High School

In their feedback the students all talked about how nervous they were, but that now that they have had the opportunity to practice an interview they are no longer nervous about going to an interview. Thank you so much for helping students participate in a meaningful activity that helped them gain experiences that they found relevant and engaging."

-- Keri Hughes, Roosevelt High School, following mock job interviews and resumé critiques with about 70 juniors.